Jenny Sells the Block®

Jenny Sells the Block®

Jenny Nothstein character cartoon.

About Jenny

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Jennifer Nothstein, Your Home Matchmaker Extraordinaire, and I’m super excited to introduce myself to you.

Experienced Atlanta Metro Real Estate Agent

I come from a real estate family and I’ve worked in the industry since the late 90s, alongside my God-mother and her brokerage. My passion is to serve my clients, as well as over educate them with every option available to them.

Most situations aren’t the same, so I enjoy the challenge of being innovative, creative and flexible, in order to create outstanding results.

Working within Atlanta and Atlanta Metro gives me the advantage to understand each location and be able to articulate what these areas of Atlanta have to offer. Specifically, how “Live, Play and Shop,” apply in each county. Yes, I can honestly say I serve and work in 25 counties in Atlanta/Atlanta Metro. 

I also love the different raw land available for sale, inside and around Atlanta Metro, especially since buying land can never go out of style when it comes to investing.

I have many programs available to cater to my clients, whether it’s looking to flip homes, build your credit, down payment assistance, rent-to-own properties, veterans and/or first responders housing assistance, the list goes on.

I want my clients to always feel they’re getting the best hands on treatment, as well as, full knowledge of the benefits available to them when it comes to making their real estate goals a reality.